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QA: Through the establishment and use of standard operating procedures, policies, documentation and record control, and audits, our Quality Assurance (QA) team is able to monitor and analyze its quality management efforts.  We use the Capability Maturity Module Integration (CMMI®) standards and our own benchmarks as tools for assuring that our quality policy is consistently applied and continuously improved.  The main tenet of our Quality Management System is that quality is integrated into every business process. We use innovative QA techniques that add value with the intent of enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Our core values are commitment and dedication to our customer’s success. Building and maintaining strong customer focus is achieved through listening to our customers’ needs, focusing on “How can we improve our services?” We question and study all of our current practices and services in order to earn the right to continue to faithfully serve our customers. QA means customer satisfaction; repeat customers are the measure of our success.  Our independent QA Team performs various types of process and product evaluations as well as compliance reviews. Process evaluations include audits, reviews, testing, inspections, and walkthroughs to ensure the overall quality of the evolving work product. Routine audits are conducted throughout the project life cycle to detect issues early in the lifecycle, which assists with a reduction of cost and rework.

QC: The measurable value of Quality Control (QC) is realized when we assist clients in focusing on their core competencies, while providing a high quality product within the agreed upon budget. The purpose of QC is to identify product discrepancies and inefficiencies or counter-productive processes as early as possible in the development cycle, and to minimize correction cost and rework. Our QC team has documented repeatable test processes and procedures which meet today’s industry standards.  Our QC Team performs independent testing to verify that specifications are met and quality standards are followed. Our QC Team continuously monitors activities throughout the SDLC, from initiation through implementation, to ensure the quality of the delivered product.  Our QC team has expertise in load/stress, automation, integration, stability, functional, performance, data integrity, reliability, recovery, ad hoc, cosmetic, security, compatibility, fault tolerance, boundary/capacity, 508 compliance, and regression testing.  We have experience in HP Mercury, IBM Rational, Hi Software Acc Verify, SSB Technologies Infocus, and Scientific’s JAWs testing tools.