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Disaster Recovery

At Alpha Technology Solutions we believe that Disaster Recovery involves a series of actions and procedures that minimizes the adverse effects of major unplanned outages and downtime. Our experts will help you implement the following solutions to ensure business continuity:

  • Backup Solutions: Our experts will make sure that backing up your mission-critical information is easy and affordable using the most advanced and reliable backup solutions.
  • Offsite Data Storage: Just backing up your company’s vital data is not enough.  To be truly secure, it is essential that your data be vaulted and stored at an offsite, secure location that is held to the highest of protective standards.
  • Data Replication & Coop (Continuity of Operations) Site: Our experts will implement Real Time Data Replication of all your servers to secondary servers stored in a secure and remote data center. This will ensure business continuity in case your company’s headquarters is damaged or destroyed due to a natural disaster or some other type of disaster.