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Going Green

At Alpha Technology Solutions we believe that all organizations can and should implement practices that are environmentally friendly. Rising energy costs over the past five years, along with growing publicity and legislation surrounding the topics of global warming and sustaining the environment should prompt organizations to examine what they can do to decrease their impact on the environment.

As organizations face increasing pressure to become green, our experts will help you implement green IT practices in the following areas:

Data Center

  • Eliminate energy leaks
  • Use innovative and more efficient cooling methods
  • Replace high-density servers with virtual servers
  • Use alternative storage tactics to reduce energy consumption and the need for hard disk drives
  • Reconfigure data center floor layouts
  • Explore alternative energy sources

End-User Computing

  • Alter purchasing practices for IT assets
  • Encourage adoption of energy-saving settings on computers
  • Practice proper disposal and recycling practices of IT assets

Green IT practices will lead your organization to the following benefits

  • Reduced carbon and other greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  • Increased cooling efficiency in the data center
  • Reduced energy costs