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Voice over IP Solutions

Alpha Technology Solutions is an industry leader in delivering Voice over IP solutions. Our VoIP services dramatically cut down your telecommunications costs and provide your business with enriched means of communication, mobility and ease of management. 

Increase your business productivity with feature-rich unified communications that allows your staff to spend less time chasing people around and more time being productive

With the touch of a button; start an IM session, initiate a phone call, or establish a videoconference. Alpha Technology Solutions can design, build, and deploy a Voice over IP solution customized towards your business needs, saving you substantial capital over the maintenance of your old PBX systems.

Planning & Procurement
Many businesses that are considering VoIP are unsure of how or where to begin the process. Alpha Technology Solutions will guide you throughout the whole process. Our certified experts will help you:

  • Identify Business and User Needs: Identify the business goals to achieve and assess end-user needs based on how they can best achieve overall goals, such as increasing productivity, improving service levels, increasing revenue and reducing expenses.
  • Assess Your Network Situation: Understand what you have in your network and whether each component of your network is ready to support VoIP.
  • Identify the Right Partners/Providers. Develop a checklist that evaluates providers based on such factors as product and service options, scalability, creativity, cost, and support.
  • Design the Solution: There are different types of VoIP solutions available to businesses. Our certified experts will help you choose a solution that meets your present and future business needs.
  • Procurement: Acquire all necessary hardware and software licenses for a successful implementation.

Deployment & Support
Alpha Technology Solutions will create a deployment and testing checklist to help ensure a smooth installation and minimize disruptions. Our certified experts will work diligently around the clock to deliver a perfect final product with almost no interruption to your business.

Alpha Technology Solutions will also provide technical support for your VoIP system and VoIP users. Our certified experts will routinely apply updates to your system, monitor logs and events and provide a backup plan that will ensure continuity in the event of service failures and outages.

Training & Documentation
At Alpha Technology Solutions we understand that the number one priority for any system is to enable your staff to work more efficiently and to improve and advance the quality of your business operations. With VoIP you will get a bundle of new and exciting features that can prove to be overwhelming for your staff if they are not properly trained to use it.

Our certified experts will provide training sessions for your staff and will also provide user guidelines and manuals that will help your staff use and enjoy all the amazing new features your VoIP system has to offer.

We will also put in place an evolutionary path to ensure an easy transition to a more sophisticated or larger system as technology changes and your business grows.